Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The hardship of narrowing down a design concept

So my husband and I have decided to fork out some cash and FINALLY fix up our bedroom. It seems it is the last place we have neglected and now that we have decided to move forward...the hard part begins. As a designer is is SO hard to focus on one look and I think that is why most of my rooms are so eclectic in style. For example, in my living room, I love the black and white theme so I went out and got a white couch, damask ottoman cover, and black sideboard. However I then saw a piece that I fell in love with and had to have - a light aqua velvet loveseat/chair. THEN I just had to have this old yellow jam cupboard from an antique market to hold storage items. So I decided to just go with it and I think it works, but I am sure an interior designer would come in and yell at me :)

When I first decided on the room I thought a grey and yellow theme would be great...I love this duvet from Bliss...

I bought a ruched coverlet in dark grey from Nicole Miller a few weeks ago which I loved so I thought it would work out perfectly sitting over the edge of the bed. Think again. I began pouring over my magazine cut outs for inspiration and took out the pages I was drawn too. Turns out, I am digging the grey/orange/oatmeal combo now too. I found this natural and warm toned style room from Linen Place and I fell in love with it as well...(plus it has birdies!)

I have a feeling I am going to head to homesense and pick up the most bizarre items which I love and HAVE to have, and come home with such a mixed palatte. However, perhaps that is really what I should be doing...perhaps that defines my style and I shouldn't fight it. Perhaps...I'll keep you posted on the process and if it is fit to be shown at the end, I'll post some pics..stay tuned!

Ohhh, but I do have one word of advice for you ladies out there...I knew it was going to be a dilema convincing my hubby that he has to spend a weekend painting the room and floors as I am pregnant and just CAN'T smell those fumes (wink wink), so I told him he could have a third of the budget to spend on a flat screen for the bedroom. Well, he was SO excited and has since been willing to listen to all my design ideas and trying to be enthused when what I know he is really pumped about is that TV. I say - who cares! Whatever works, and honestly, I really made the budget just a tad bigger so that he is none the wiser, he gets his TV, I get most of the money to spend on my stuff, PLUS I don't have to paint...hoo-rah for me!

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